** please note postponed **
This yoga workshop shall address those niggles that crop up within the shoulders during everyday life and our yoga practice. We will consider how to work the shoulders in an explorative and favourable manner to help them to become stronger, flexible and irritation-free.
At The Longford Centre, Longford Road, Cannock WS11 1QN.
Sunday 25th April 2021. 10am to 2pm.
Cost £35 (payable in advance).


CROSS-TRAINING ‘YOGA FOR ATHLETES’ - these workshops include your chosen sport at your chosen venue. SPORT SPECIFIC workshops include yoga for: cyclists; runners; tennis players; footballers; hockey players; golfers; dancers etc. for example.

CHILDREN’S YOGA WORKSHOPS - explore many ideas for children of all ages and abilities. Create adventure stories for fun and/or to work with an existing theme i.e. in school. Consider lesson planning too!

ACCESSIBLE ASHTANGA - Explore the breath and the moving meditation of Ashtanga Yoga. Adapt the practice for where you are at in the present moment.

FREESTYLIN' VINYASA - Explore the traditions of ‘vinyasa’, consider themes to create your own sequences and achieve the creative confidence to design your own sequences for you and/or your students.

ACCESSIBLE ASHTANGA meets FREESTYLIN’ VINYASA - Oftentimes we find a posture in the Primary Practice which we may need to modify. And sometimes a mini-vinyasa is needed in order to achieve the next posture in the sequence. Creativity, discovery and exploration all the way!

ACCESSIBLE ASHTANGA with PRANAYAMA PRACTICE - An opportunity to explore Ashtanga Yoga further with appropriate exploration of pranayama practices (breathing practices) relevant to centring, asana practice and meditation.

PRANAYAMA PRACTICE - This is a workshop dedicated to exploring pranayama (breathing techniques) relevant to you. Such techniques explored can be combined with movement, can increase energy for asana (posture) practice or can settle our energy for a slower practice, pranayama practice and/or meditation.

ACCESSIBLE ASHTANGA for your CONSTITUTIONAL TYPE - An exploration of how we can adapt our practice depending on our constitutional type. Achieving a sense of balance via a focus on our energy levels and our temperament.

MEDITATION MATTERS (1) - Discover effortless techniques to calm down, take stock and enjoy a free-flow of energy.

MASTERING YOUR MEDITATIONS (2) - this is a stand-alone workshop or as a follow-on workshop to MEDITATION MATTERS (1).

Please note: For half day workshops, i.e. 12 noon to 3pm, it would be best to have a light lunch before the event. For an all-day workshop bring a light lunch. You shall also need usual yoga equipment - mat, block, blankets etc. Yoga events are for those with 2 years experience of practicing Yoga. BWY and YAproff. teachers can gain 3 to 4 points towards CPD depending on the workshop chosen. Workshops are paid for in advance, refunds will only be given if I'm notified a month in advance of the event taking place.


LITTLETON GREEN COMMUNITY SCHOOL - Park on the car park. Walk to the right side of the building and there is a door-way halfway down. Go in and turn right into the SCHOOL HALL.

AVON ROAD COMMUNITY CENTRE - Halfway down Avon Rd., Cannock. Turn into it, like you would for Cannock Asda (as the centre is opposite Asda). It has its own free parking.

Please get booking if you wish our classes to continue. With a huge break from teaching in venues, since March ‘20, it’s time to get cracking! We begin back in May so please get in touch for a booking slip.

Hi everyone, feel free to let me know where and when you wish to take part in our classes. Things are a changin’ so your feedback is appreciated as to when and where would best benefit you for a class. Thank you. X

It’s been a very ‘trying’ few months but at long last our venue’d classes are due to begin, all be it a tad later than normal. I shall look forward to teaching you soon ... remember, remember, the day before the fifth of November! X

NEW TUESDAY and FRIDAY ONLINE LIVE CLASSES via Zoom ... View f.bk Cannock Yoga and f.bk Cannock Yoga Online or email me for further booking information.
Online Live workshops coming soon.

Feel free to ‘like’ and ‘share’ Sharlene Poole Art on Facebook as I’m selling my arts and crafts again. Thank you for your support as small inspirations need your support to continue to work.

A lovely weekend of yoga, meditation, sound, mantra, fascia massage etc at The Moat House, Acton Trussell. Thank you everyone ... it was great to teach you all and to catch up with you all too!

Autumn yoga term has begun. Not too late to begin if you wish! And I’ll be stepping back into the Art-world again offering classes and workshops in my capacity as an Art-worker. You can book my classes/workshops or invite me to your venue for a tailor-made class/workshop if you wish. See f.bk Sharlene Poole Art. Thanks for continued support everyone.

Enjoy a summer of self-practice everyone. Send in your summer yoga pose pics too! View f.bk Cannock Yoga for regular offers, competitions and news. SEPTEMBER class start/resume date is Wednesday 11th September ... feel free to book now to reserve your place! X

Just completed The Institute of Yoga Sports Science’s ‘The Science of Teaching Yoga to Athletes’ course. Micro-sequences relevant to your sport, biomechanics, injuries etc coming your way!
I taught Mental Health Awareness Week Workshops for school teachers at Cannock Chase High School and school children at St. Luke’s Primary School (relaxation by week three was amazing!).
Many back to back workshops completed at Om Manchester Show in May. Check out f.bk Cannock Yoga and f.bk Yoga for Athletes Cannock for yoga-adventure further info.

We are re-launching our ‘Yoga for Athletes’ workshops - specific to your sport at your chosen venue. I’m currently studying The Science of Teaching Yoga to Athletes course by The Institute of Yoga Sports Science. I’ll also be going along to a Yoga for Injury Workshop shortly. And I’ll call in to see my friend’s Yoga for Runners Workshop ... it’s always interesting to see different ideas and approaches ... always the teacher ... and always the student!

Just back from a fantastic week of yoga, pranayama and meditation ... Gregor Maehle’s Higher Limbs of Yoga Intensive. Fantastic ... shared with fantastic friends too!

First Aid course all sorted again for another 3years. And a wander up to Pure Yoga Cheshire for a couple of pleasant and lovely workshops. Yoga-travels hotting up again ... mmmmm! Where next!?!

It was a pleasure to teach you all during our Accessible Ashtanga day. Many ideas, much knowledge, fun and way too much cake flying around. Thank you for your continued support everyone and I’ll look forward to teaching you at the next one!

I’m fond of teaching ... and very much enjoy been taught too. So on my ‘Ashtanga-Travels’ this month I was taught by Stu Girling where we explored the ‘Gatekeeper postures’, ‘Personal Training Skills’ etc.

Lovely challenging yoga workshops by Lucy Crawford just down the road from Old Trafford, Manchester. Much fun in August! Back to class now everyone! Yay!

Fantastic workshops by Gregor Maehle - practicing pranayama, yogic meditation & Ashtanga Primary series. As well as philosophy & lectures. We shall explore some of Gregor’s work during our FUSION YOGA RETREAT (see above).

Smashin’ Om Manchester show. Some fresh new articles sent out and some more on the way!

Thank you everyone who supported our ‘Freestylin’ Vinyasa Workshop’ - lots of knowledge and creativity flying around - excellent!
Followed by BWY Yoga Fest the weekend afterwards - completely spoiled with yoga in March.

An excellent 4 day Ashtanga Intensive with Lucy Crawford in Cambridge. Brilliant!

Fantastic Meditation Matters (1) Workshop. Thank you to everyone who took part.
‘What a lovely workshop. I found it very soothing, liked the pace and very interesting references’.

My article 'Finding Space with the Goddess Bhuvaneshwari' is in the OM Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine - happy days!

Another of my articles made it into BWY's magazine Spectrum. Check out Facebook Cannock Yoga for further details.

Yoga workshops David Swenson were fantastic - exploring the primary series, inversions, bandhas and pranayama etc. June was a sound month for my own self practice/study - svadhyaya. A reminder to all our Cannock and Penkridge yogi's to keep practicing and exploring your own ideas over the summer break.