Frequently Asked Questions for Yoga Classes

Q. Do you run any specialist Yoga workshops? A. Yes I offer the following workshops at your chosen venue: Yoga for Cyclists, Yoga for Runners, Yoga for Kids, Yoga for Artists - including Mandala Art.

Q. I have emailed you however you haven't answered? A. Please make sure your email address is correct on the Contact Me form.

Q. Are your classes suitable for pregnant ladies? A. Sorry no due to the Core Strength nature of the classes. During weeks 1-16 the body is working hard to establish your pregnancy so avoid doing asanas (Yoga poses) until 16 weeks. You could benefit from breathing, relaxation, meditation and rest instead (see Wendy Teasdill's 'Yoga for Pregnancy' book). There are specialist Pregnancy Yoga Classes locally which I can recommend.

Q. How do I know if a Yoga Teacher is the the right one for me? A. Ask the Teacher questions regarding qualifications, experience and knowledge.

Q. What shall I wear? A. Comfortable clothes that allow you to stretch and move well during the class. A warm jumper, maybe a blanket - though optional, for relaxation at the end of the class.

Q. What do I need to bring along to class? A. You will need a yoga mat. However if you wish to borrow a mat for the first class you may.

Q. Do I need any other props/equipment? A. Some students bring along a yoga block (optional) although I have some you can borrow.

Q. What type of Yoga do you teach? A. Though British Wheel of Yoga trained I have many influences. I collage my influences together to deliver a class appropriate to the students who turn up on the day/night.

Q. Are your classes suitable for men and women? A. Yes.

Q. Do you teach children's yoga classes? A. Yes.

Q. What can I expect from an adult group class? A. Warm up, advance towards selected peak postures, cool down, breathing practice and relaxation. Meditation, guided visualisation and philosphy can be a part of my classes too.

Q. What can I expect from a children's group class? A. Similar to the above however for younger children a fun adventure story runs alongside the Yoga practice too - lots of fun, light and enjoyable!!! For older children a current theme can be combined with the Yoga practice i.e. Olympics 2012. The theme of the children's Yoga classes can also depend on the venue criteria i.e. a theme can be chosen which relates to the School curriculum. Also Yoga games will be included.

Q. I am a beginner can I join your class? A. Yes. Enjoy it - not force it! Gradually throughout the class the postures advance. If there is something you are unsure of choose the postures that you are comfortable with. In other words go back to the variation which suits you most. Allow your intuition to kick in.

Q. I have been practicing for a long time would your class suit me? A. Yes. You can choose whether to work deeper in a posture, with more flexibilty or more strength in my classes. The opportunities are there. As above, variations are offered so choose which works best for you.

Q. I can't get into that posture? A. We work towards postures - the journery towards them. Sometimes it can take minutes, hours, days, months or years to master a particular posture. Or sometimes we find some postures just don't suit us. We choose what works for ourselves - same goes with breathing practices and Yoga Philosophy.

Q. I'm not very flexible! A. Yoga does increase your ROM (Range of Movement). As well as teaching flexability I also teach how to strengthen and joint-free the body too. So there is something for everyone even if you are opposite i.e. hypermobile.

Q. I am worried about injuring myself! A. Yoga is non-competitive with yourself (as well as with others). So work within your own capabilities depending on how you feel on the day. A useful tip is if you come across a posture/asana that isn't a movement you do everyday then take care in your approach to it. Postures should be 'Steady and Comfortable' (Patanjali).

Q. My mind is racing...I am so anxious can Yoga help? A. 'Yoga is the Stilling of the vibrations of the mind' (Pantanjali) - so yes Yoga can help reduce anxiety if you allow it to.

Q. I have a specific injury/ailment can I do Yoga? A. We can modify/vary postures and breathing practices to suit individual needs in a general class. However if an injury/ailment is chronic or extreme then sometimes a one-to-one is advised initially. If you are unsure if you should practice Yoga then a chat with your doctor would be advisable.

If the answer you are looking for isn't here feel free to contact me for further information.