‘Thank you Sharlene for sharing some of your vast yoga was a lovely day I really enjoyed the practice xxx’.
J.B. of Coventry

‘It was a wonderful day Sharlene, thank you. Learnt lots and had the best nights sleep in ages. You are a legend xx’.
K.G. of Penkridge

‘We really enjoyed the day yesterday, learned a lot and the day raced by ... Your enthusiasm for the subject is infectious and we really enjoy submerging ourselves into these yoga days with you ...’
I received a lovely comment with regards our Accessible Ashtanga Day. Feelin’ the love - Thank you everyone x

‘I loved today’s workshop ... So interesting and a great confidence booster for self-practice and yoga exploration. Thank you very much for your hard work and kindness’.
N.L. of Stafford

‘Thank you for the meditation workshop. I really enjoyed it and it's certainly added to my knowledge. I really appreciate the effort you put in to making it a knowledgeable but fun class. Thank you again’.
S.D. of Cannock

‘What a lovely workshop. I found it very soothing, liked the pace and very interesting references’. (Meditation Matters 1 Workshop)
N.L. of Heath Hayes

'Have really enjoyed the variation of classes this year and look forward to next years'.
S.B. of Cannock

'The paper work she does (lesson plans and schemes of work) for her classes are excellent. They were very easy for me to follow when doing class observations. These observations took place annually and Sharlene always came out with a high grade. Her knowledge of her subject is outstanding. While with the college, her students attended regularly and always spoke enthusiastically on the quality of teaching and support'.
K.P. of Stafford

'I want to thank you for a brilliant day on Thursday. Many of the children said that the best part of our enrichment day was the yoga! I also heard lots of fantastic comments from staff. I know it was exceptionally hectic ... I hope you enjoyed being at Five Ways'.
L.S. of Five Ways School

'I can honestly say I've never been to a better teacher than you ... I was only recently saying how brilliant you are and how you have helped me with my breathing'.
C.L. of Huntington

'Great class again last night. I am really enjoying it and enjoying the group of friends I seem to be making'.
S.D. of Cannock

'I was a bit frightened by Ashtanga yoga as I'm not always coordinated & sometimes struggle with counting during postures but less so now with visualisation & focusing more during exercises. Thank you for your great teaching and giving us the opportunity to develop into a new & very interesting practice'.
N.L. of Hednesford

'You are brilliant helping me out and I think it is a great escape and a healthy one too. You make a brilliant teacher because you are helping me figure out ways I can do postures and moderating and adapting and that makes you a very good teacher. So you should be pleased with yourself because I really appreciate it'.
G.H. of Heath Hayes

'Thanks for your passion and it!'.
T.H. of Cannock

'I would just like to say a big thank-you for your teaching over the last year - it's beginning to change my life'.
S.D. of Huntington

'Just wanted to say how fab the yoga classes have been over the last few months. In the last few weeks its been great to do some new postures and develop older ones. I feel that I'm gaining so much in coming along each week. Well done you .... Thank you again for all your hard work each week'.
H.T. of Hednesford

'All the Brownies had a brilliant time when Sharlene came to teach them Yoga. The two 30 minutes classes were just right and Sharlene interpreted our theme of 'Cherish Yourself' perfectly. The content was just right for the age group of the girls. We will definitely be calling on Sharlene again!'
A.S. of 1st Heath Hayes Brownies

'I have to admit, really enjoyed myself last week and was feeling great all week! So for that, thank you so much...and count me in next Monday! So looking forward for another Yoga class with you!'.
S.F. of Huntington

'Fab class again today, we both really enjoyed it, see you next week'.
K.M. of Cannock

'Thanks for doing the Yoga sessions, I have recieved lots of positive comments'.
M.W. of Marshlands Primary School

'Excellant Yoga techniques and practice taught at varying levels to suite a variety of abilities'.
C.B. of Cannock

'I joined Sharlene's yoga class last year and found it thoroughly enjoyable, the yoga postures and relaxation techniques are easy to follow due to Sharlene's excellent instructions. I recently went through a trying time. I used Sharlene's breathing techniques, which made me able to relax and minimise any undue discomfort to myself'.
C. L. of Acton Trussell

'Wonderful day! very knowledgeable teacher…well organised, relaxed and would love to attend another one'.
L.C. of Stafford

'Excellent as ever. Enjoying continued practice and developing better postures. Sharlene's down to earth approach to yoga is refreshing and great. I really enjoy the mixture of yoga styles which are accessible to all'.
V.S. of Cannock

'Fantastic Yoga yesterday, really enjoyed it and feel great today. Thank-you'.
A.Y. of Penkridge

'Sharlene maintains a good balance of new and well-practiced yoga movements'.
J.S. of Penkridge

'Hey i just wanted you to know that I felt so good on Friday [after Thursdays class] after not doing the class for so long!!! I was sooooo amazed. My neck and back have been sore for a few weeks and I wasn't sure why but it was because I haven't done any YOGA!! L.B. said he is really enjoying it too'.
B.L. of Penkridge

'The [children's yoga] classes were excellant - a good balance of postures, relaxation and activities. The length of time was just right... It would be great to see you... Keep in touch!'
J.H. of Heath Hayes

'Sharlene is an attentive and well-organised individual. All sessions are clearly planned, relating to identified aims and objectives. She works well in a team, and has excellent communication skills. She has worked with a wide range of users and is able to target their needs efficiently. Her presentation skills are excellent. As a freelance artist Sharlene has a well-developed sense of initiative and is able to create innovative, interesting sessions that have proved very popular with our users'.
K.S. of Tamworth