Accessible Ashtanga

‘Accessible Ashtanga’ Workshops promote a creative, contemporary and independent approach towards Ashtanga practice. Ashtanga’s Primary Series can be challenging as we can come across asanas (postures) that we have to find a modified (‘accessible’) version of. Or we may need to create a mini-vinyasa (movements which form a sequence in coordination with the breath) in order to work towards the challenging asana. We explore asana practice in a manner that is bio-mechanically friendly to your body. You become your own teacher/guide on your journey to self-awareness. Finding a practice to suit you is how I approach our ‘Accessible Ashtanga’ Workshops ... making a strong dynamic practice suitable for all!

Not forgetting the breath is the base-line of yoga. We consider pranayama in relationship to primary practice too ... breathing techniques are explored to achieve the signature ujjayi breath of Ashtanga. Please note there is also a stand-alone Pranayama Workshop available too which differs to the Accessible Ashtanga Workshop (see Workshops/News section).

View F/bk Accessible Ashtanga for workshop updates. You can book these workshops at your venue if you wish and/or I will put these events on myself.